dating advice

6 profile tips

Looking to give your profile a boost? Our six straightforward tips will help you make sure you are set to stand out from the crowd and attract the right kind of interest.

As well as tips to help you get a tip-top profile, we’ve also found six photos that are ideal for a dating profile to give you some inspiration.


Tell a story!

Use 5 or 6 profile photos to show off who you are. The first photo should clearly show you and your face. The other photos should show you living your life. This helps to tell a story about your personality and can make a great conversation starter.

Do you enjoy going to the beach? Sailing? Skiing? Horse riding? Travelling? Do you have a cute dog named Rover?

You could have 1 or 2 photos of you having a good time with friends but it’s best to keep these as the last photos so it’s clear who you are.


Keep It Real!

Your main profile picture should look natural and show off what you look like day-to-day i.e. no modelling pictures. Make sure your photo is good quality and is well-lit so people get an accurate idea of what you look like.  And don’t forget to smile.


Be honest!

Have a picture that looks like the current you, not one from 10 years ago. Just as much as you wouldn’t like to be surprised, other people don’t want to be either.


Don’t Hide!

Make sure your photo clearly shows your face and that it’s not covered by sunglasses, hair or a large hat. The person on the other side really does want to see you ;)


Skip the Crowd!

Make sure it’s only you in your main profile photo. Also avoid having predominantly group photos. People want to know who are from the first photo and don’t want to have to try and work it out.


Keep it Classy!

Steer clear of filters. They might be fun to send to friends, but they don’t make for a good first impression as they don’t show the real you.

Bathroom and gym pictures and selfies are also a bit of a turnoff. There’s nothing natural about posing next to the toilet or in the mirror.

In other words, think about the people you want to attract and put your best foot forward. Wear something nice and show off who you really are.